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Karyn Spetz, LCSW, CLC

Certified Relational Life Therapy Coach

A Better Relationship Coaching


"Every couple should do this and not wait until they're on the brink of divorce."

--KR, former client

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I want to help you

             -Fight less often

             -Fight less intensely 

             -Repair more quickly

 ...And it's totally possible

Learn how to have less of this... 

--not communicating well (or ever)

--feeling unheard

--needs not getting met 

--the "constant battle" 

--same argument over and over 

--walking on eggshells 

And more of this...

  • --easier, better¬†communication

  • --enjoying¬†each other

  • --feeling understood

  • --fewer fights

  • --repair disagreements more quickly

  • --feeling connected

It is so frustrating and lonely to feel disconnected from your partner. 


It is so hard when you and your partner love each other, but damn, you just can't get it together.  You keep arguing, you're not on the same page, you have the same fight over and over again in a loop and sometimes you feel like you can't even have a conversation. 



It's no wonder you both think "oh, I already know where this is going".  You literally already know where it's going... because you've done it a thousand times before with the same result.  You might even be wondering if you can make it work again or if there's even a way back from all this. 



It does not have to be this way.  You can learn how to do things differently and get different results.  Results that bring you and your partner closer together instead of further apart. 



If you want to make it work, but don't know how, you're in the right place.  


Hi, I'm Karyn, your relationship coach. 


I've been a social worker for over 20 years, working with people struggling with difficult situations and helping them move forward. 

I have focused my training and work to be specifically with couples. 

I work with couples who want to make it work, but don't know where to start.  I help couples have more have more understanding, awareness and skills so they can get out of their negative cycle and get back to actually enjoying their relationship. 


Why do I do this work?  


I do this because I know what it is like to struggle in your relationship. My husband and I struggled for longer than I would have wanted, and just didn't know how to get out of it.  We never considered divorce, but we knew we were stuck and didn't know how to get out. 

When I started started studying Relational Life Therapy for my work with couples an incredible thing happened.  We brought this same work into our lives and it completely changed how we see our relationship.  

Fast forward and our daily lives are so much easier, less stressful and more loving.  We don't argue nearly as much, we recover more quickly and we've never been happier. 


‚ÄėI feel more like we‚Äôre in this (relationship) together‚Äô

--AS, former client



The average couple waits six years before they get the help they need. 

Six years. 

Imagine how things could be for you in six years--or weeks! if you started right now.  Today. 

I can help you learn how to get unstuck now and teach you skills that will help you for years to come. 


"When things are good, we’re great.  I’m really glad we did this.  I wish we’d done it sooner, but I’m glad we didn’t wait any longer."

--DL, former client


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